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  • Fishing the Kurca

The upper reach of the alluring 37 km long Kurca has two fishing docks. The regularly stocked waters, two metres deep on average, are home to enormous carp, catfish, amur, pike-perch, pike, asp, bream and crucian carp.

  • Programme venues for camps

Fishing camp, woodland school, bird-watching camp and other camps (organized programme needs can be accommodated, and if you want, we will take care of everything).

  • Winter team-building programmes

Pig slaughter and feast (fully processing the pork and roasting it in brick and clay ovens, etc.) and sheep slaughter and feast.

  • Talks, exhibits

We introduce you to indigenous livestock and tell you all about them. We give talks on fish, birds, wild game, woodland and field plants, livestock, agriculture and nature conservation.

  • Lodging

We provide lodging for fishermen, hunters, nature lovers and people who are simply looking for peace and quiet. Each of the two guest houses sleeps eight, and bunk beds can be put in if necessary.

  • Food and drink

The guest houses have fully equipped kitchens. If you make arrangements in advance, we can provide you with meals or order from a local restaurant. We can also prepare goulash over an open fire for special events. There is wine tasting in Csongrád.

  • Leisure and relaxation

Grilling, open-fire cooking, barbecue, traditional goulash, fish fry, baking and roasting in clay and brick ovens, feeding livestock (only with the owner present), bike and canoe hire and walks to the Körös-torok.

The park lies midway between Szentes and Csongrád, and both towns offer a great many opportunities for relaxation, entertainment and amusement.