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The Mentettrét Nature Park is located in Mentettrét, midway between Szentes and Csongrád in Csongrád County, on the bank of the Kurca Stream on the Szentes side of the Tisza River. The Kurca breaks off from the Tisza below the Körös-torok, where the Körös River flows into the Tisza, and meanders for 15 km along the edge of Szentes before cutting right through the town. It is the town’s only navigable river and was once the most important place in Szentes for commercial fishing. The Tisza and the Körös flow nearby the Mentettrét Nature Park and meet 1.5 km away at the Körös-torok.

The 4.5-hectare park has two guest houses for the comfort of our guests, each house only 50 meters from the water’s edge. One is called Angler’s Camp and the other Rogue’s Den. The two 43-square-meter buildings are structurally identical but furnished and designed to reflect their names. They can be comfortable even in the winter with tile stove-heating, two rooms, a dining kitchen, bathroom, toilet and loft.


A 60 square meter area serves as an outside kitchen with an oven, kitchen range, grill and fire pit. A small, covered fish-cleaning area has a range, so you can throw fresh bream straight into a frying pan and cook it on the spot. You will also get to see indigenous livestock in the stables and sties next to the houses.

Each building has its own dock with fed fishing spots on the bank of the Kurca only five meters from the property boundary. The aquatic life is colourful and diverse and includes common carp, amur, bream, crucian carp, catfish, pike-perch, pike and asp. There are also several protected species. The regularly stocked water areas are managed by the Gerecz Elemér Sport Fishing Association. The stocked fish are largely carp and include several exceptional specimens. The largest carp caught here weighed in at 19 kg. It is illegal to take carp over 60 cm anywhere along the Kurca.

Come and visit! We would love to have you!